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Executive team

“Grupo Omega, strengthening our vision and our actions, after 30 years of service”

Through solid growth, we have become positioned as one of the best known Mexican companies in the fields of construction and infrastructure and real estate development, due to our professionalism, responsible approach to doing business, capabilities and enthusiasm, in addition to our unparalleled commitment towards the new generations, and now, more than ever, due to our ongoing respect for the environment.

Our horizon of opportunities has also expanded, as a result of the Federal Government’s commitment to incorporating new private investment mechanisms that will help improve and accelerate our nation’s infrastructure capabilities.

In light of this, Grupo Omega has taken on a vibrant and solid stance to strengthen the company’s vision and leadership capabilities. For this purpose, we have created strategic partnerships, added experiences, sought out new markets, and proposed viable financial mechanisms to carry out all our projects. A clear example has been issuing debt in the stock market, aimed at solidifying our financial position and ensuring long-term economic stability.

Jorge Miguel Melgarejo Haddad